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OnApp Enterprise Cloud

OnApp Enterprise Cloud

A complete private and hybrid cloud solution, delivered as a ready-to-run HCI appliance that scales on-premises and in your preferred data centre.

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Cloud Virtualisation High Availability Disaster recovery Infrastructure
PrivacyLab GDPR

PrivacyLab GDPR

Remove the guesswork from GDPR compliance. PrivacyLab helps you, with step by step guidance, in achieving GDPR compliance and producing the required documents.

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GDPR DPIA DPO Privacy by Design compliance data subject controller processor
Kopano Unified Communication

Kopano Unified Communication

Own your email, video conferencing, instant messaging services and data to improve productivity, security and privacy.

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Email Communication instant messaging video conference Security Cloud email encryption file sharing GDPR


NextCloud is the enterprise file sharing and synchronisation platform that helps increasing productivity, security and GDPR compliance.

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File sharing data synchronisation Security Private Cloud GDPR Compliance


Not just a CRM, 1CRM provides you with all the features you need to support and expand your business including marketing, project management, support services and billing.

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CRM sales cycle management products management customer support reporting billing marketing
NComputing VERDE VDI

NComputing VERDE VDI

A simpler and smarter way to deploy desktop virtualisation. NComputing VERDE reduces complexity and cost while providing all the features and reliability required by your organisation, scaling from SMEs...

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Virtualisation Cloud Infrastructure security VDI Linux Windows desktops

Kopano Collaboration Platform

Information about Kopano Collaboration Platform

Tags: Cloud, Open Source, Email, Collaboration, Zarafa, Instant messaging, Web meetings, Kopano

Kopano Unified Communication

Kopano WebApp: the Unified Communication platformKopano - The best alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Office365

Kopano WebMeetings - Video conferences, instant messaging & presentations

Kopano is a lot more than just a great email platform, it provides you with all the tools you require to collaborate in an effective and secure way.

The high quality video conferencing and instant messaging tools use peer to peer encrypted communication channels to transmit data so all your important meetings meet and exceed the privacy and the security levels you need to comply with.

Kopano WebMeetings and chat

Kopano WebMeetings and chat

Emails are still the most efficient way to send messages that don't require an immediate reply but there is surely nothing better than being able to interact with colleagues, customers or suppliers in real time to exchange ideas.

Kopano integrates a video conference and instant messaging platform that allows you to interact with other people with the best tool for the task wherever you are.

With Kopano you can participate to web conferences using most browsers as it uses native components, such as WebRTC, so there is no need to install additional applications or wait for Java applets to load.
Presentations and screen sharing

Presentations and screen sharing

Kopano WebMeetings allows you to share presentations and your desktop screen to deliver professional presentations, edit documents with the team or provide remote support sessions.

There is no need to book video conferencing rooms any more, all you need is just a browser. You can invite your colleagues, that set their on-line presence as "Available", to instant web meetings and send external participants an email invitation in a couple of clicks.
High quality video conference

High quality video conference

No need to purchase expensive video conferencing platforms anymore. When you need to exchange ideas with colleagues, suppliers or customers you can do it easily from your PC, laptop and even your smart phone.

Web Meetings is an integral part of WebApp, so getting started is easy. There is no need to install a plugin, even when you’re the host of the meeting!
Invite people in a click

Invite people in a click

Thanks to the integration with WebApp you can instantly add a meeting by clicking a button when writing an email or replying to one.

Scheduling a web meeting is just as easy as any other meeting: click the button and the Web Meetings plugin will create your virtual meeting room and add the instructions for the participants to your meeting invitation.


File sharing and synchronisation

File sharing and synchronisationKopano - The best alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Office365

Kopano Files - Managing your documents within your collaboration platform

With Kopano Files you can boosts your productivity by sharing and retrieving documents, using your existing storage solutions, right from the WebApp interface. You can work together on files and projects, with team members within your office and with external users.

You can integrate Kopano Files with your existing files shares, document management systems or your preferred Cloud based file sharing platforms. If you want to share files keeping control of their location and security why not trying NextCloud?

Your files where you need them

Your files where you need them

Files integrates perfectly with all the email and calendaring features WebApp has to offer. Creating a new email with the latest version of a presentation is easy: it can be done in just a few clicks without having to download it first.

Storing an incoming file is just as easy. Any attachment can be saved to your existing company network storage where it can be shared with your co-workers. And it works from any browser, anywhere.
Attaching large files

Attaching large files

Sending large email attachments can be a hassle. Kopano Files helps you transfer these big files to any recipient, without filling up mailboxes and overloading email servers.

There is no need for any additional tools: attachments can be stored on your WebApp server and made available to the recipients for as long as you wish.
Keep control of your data

Keep control of your data

Kopano Files integrates with most storage platforms and protocols to allow you to access the documents you need regardless of the location and the type of infrastructure used.

One of Kopano users preferred platforms is surely NextCloud as it provides a service very similar to DropBox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive but from your own in-house infrastructure or your Private Cloud giving back to you the full control of your data.

Kopano Files powered by NextCloud allows you to synchronise files with Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and Linux devices satisfying the requirements of all types of organisations.


 Collaboration services for every needKopano - The best alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Office365

Organizations that are looking for a complete groupware package do not all need the same level of collaboration, performance and support. You can therefore obtain Kopano’s open source Collaboration Platform in various different editions.

Kopano Basic is ideal for SMEs as it includes all the features generally required by a smaller number of users and a cost that competes very well even against Cloud offerings.

Kopano Professional is made for organizations that require advanced features such extended system analytics (through Kopano Dashboard), advanced Files for Teams and Web Meetings, email and phone support.

Kopano Enterprise is targeted to organizations that need a clustered solution. The multi-server support can be used to support larger number of users or to spread mailboxes across different geographical locations. The Enterprise Edition combines the most extensive collaboration features with the highest level of support.

Do you use the Kopano Community Edition? Check out the table below to see how the Professional or Enterprise edition can add value to your organization. Keep also in mind that a small investment for your side helps in speeding up the development of the features you'd like to see implemented.

The following table presents a summary of the main differences between versions:

  Community Basic
Professional Enterprise
Outlook connector (MAPI) 3 users
ActiveSync (Z-Push)
IMAP/POP3 gateway
iCal/CalDAV gateway
Advanced multiuser calendars  
Brick-level Backup  
Active directory toolkit  
Kopano monitoring   Basic Extended analytics Multiserver analytics
Kopano Files Personal  
Kopano Files for Teams   Option
Kopano WebMeeting   Option
Auto-deployment tools    
High-Availability support    
Kopano Archive support    
Multiserver support      

Please note: it is not possible to combine different editions on the same server. If you want to set features available to your users that are only included in one of the paid editions, you need to choose this specific edition for all users; this also implies paying the subscription fee for all users.

Kopano - The best alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Office365Kopano, a collaboration suite for all requirements

Many companies and public organisations of all sizes and from all over the world preferred Kopano over its competitors. Many replaced existing MS Exchange, Groupwise, Scalix, IMAP and other platforms, others started their businesses with Kopano, more organisation are moving back to an in-house or hosted version of Kopano from MS Office365 or GoogleApps. We present you just a few cases from the thousands of satisfied customers:
(Note: Zarafa recently rebranded into Kopano, new case studies with the new brand will be published soon.)


"The most important challenge faced during the migration was to guarantee successful change management process. Both system administrators and users used to Windows environments needed to feel at ease with the new systems and be productive from day one. We were extremely satisfied as Zarafa's webmail was conceived as a web-based replacement for Outlook. This helped greatly making the migration pretty straightforward."

Mihai Bilauca, Chief Information Officer at Limerick City Council - Ireland

Ede municipality


"Without too much effort, the municipality of Ede switched thousands of employees to the e-mail and agenda server Zarafa at the beginning of June. Finally users received remote access to their e-mail and agenda, at home on a Mac or on the road from any smartphone. “The Exchange administrator refused to take the Linux course and now has a different job."

Bart Lindeboom, IT Manager, Municipality of Ede - Holland

pdf  Zarafa case study: Ede Municipality


Zarafa Dulcesol


"In our company we work 24 hours a day on the production of pastry, cake and bread products. The high availability setup of Zarafa Collaboration Platform ensures us of a stable mail environment which is mission critical for our manufacturing process."

Pascual Gadea, System Administrator, Dulcesol - Spain

pdf  Zarafa case study: Dulcesol


Zarafa case study Interakt Contour


"We managed to save 60,000 euros in purchasing costs alone, if we had opted for Microsoft Exchange, the costs would have run up to 100,000 euros."

Van den Hoorn, IT Manager Iterakt Contour - Holland

pdf  Zarafa case study: Interakt Contour


Kopano - The best Microsoft Exchange & Office365 alternativeKopano Collaboration Platform - Beyond emails

  • Kopano shared calendars
  • Kopano Unified Communication
  • Kopano file sharing
  • Kopano shared calendars
  • Kopano Unified Communication
  • Kopano file sharing

Kopano’s Open Source Collaboration Platform is well known as one of the best Microsoft Exchange alternatives. Those that migrated from Exchange to Kopano know that they can provide even more and better services and have seen their costs going even below those of Cloud services like Office365 and Google Apps.

While emails are a communication tool that is here to stay for a long time, some may want to communicate with faster tools and integrate other services that previously were completely separated from a standard email server. Kopano now provides all the communication tools you expect from the latest generation of Unified Communication solutions.

Manage your emails like a pro

Manage your emails like a pro

WebApp helps you managing your email with a clean and comprehensive view of your personal and shared folders with an interface very similar to Microsoft Outlook.

As WebApp works with most browsers you won't need to install any applications to manage your communications wherever you are.
Team calendars

Team calendars

Delegation lets you use your time as effectively as possible. Keep an overview of your team’s schedules with WebApp’s advanced calendaring features.

Planning meetings is also easy. Choose the participants and WebApp will find a time that fits everyone’s schedule. Need a meeting room? Add it to the schedule and make sure it is booked.
Your contacts always available

Your contacts always available

Have your contacts available anywhere. WebApp keeps track of everyone who’s important to you, and its business card overview makes it easy to search and view their details.

Conctacts are available on your smartphones and tablets with natively supported synchronization tools: no need to install an app!

Kopano, being an Open Source solution, allows total integration with your existing IT infrastructure and applications.
If you are a Developer (PHP, Python, Ext JS) and would like to create plug-ins or integrate Kopano with your applications then visit the Kopano Documentation Portal.

To evaluate Kopano you could try the on-line demo and download the community version.

Don't fancy managing Linux servers?
Then you may want to give Collax Business Server and Univention Corporate Server a try. Kopano can be installed in a few clicks and all the security and integration services your company may need are instantly available.

What is Kopano all about? A couple of short videos may help you in understanding more:

(Warning: the links below will take you to YouTube)

Kopano is a RedHat Partner, SuSe Partner, Ubuntu Gold Partner and Collax Software and Technology Partner.

Zarafa RedHat PartnerZarafa SuSe PartnerZarafa Ubuntu Gold PartnerCollax FlexibleIT Logo

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