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Virtual Bridges VDI Gen2

Many organisations are benefiting from Virtual Bridges VERDE with both on-site installation and Cloud/managed infrastructure.

This is just a small selection of VERDE's reference cases:


ICERM at Brown University This team of researchers is highly transient and requires an extremely customizable tool set of applications. Rather than configure each individual device based on standard policies then address customization requests, ICERM sought a technology partner that offered a flexible, easy-to-manage desktop virtualization solution to reduce maintenance costs and man-hours.

icon Virtual Bridges case study - ICERM

API API needed a uniform infrastructure that would support the transition of most of its workstations to thin clients with more affordable and reliable services and accommodate a considerable number of constantly mobile laptop users across its Roma headquarters and Falconara refinery.

icon Virtual Bridges case study - API


Taking advantage of the stability of Virtual Bridges technology combined with the ability to remotely administer systems via Unix has made McDonald’s exceptionally successful in their IT strategies.

icon Virtual Bridges case study - McDonalds

More case studies will be available soon.

Virtual Bridges VDI Gen2On-line training videos and testimonials.

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Virtual Bridges VERDE branch office solution.

Virtual Bridges VERDE branch office solution.

VDI Is Not Complicated. That is if you use Virtual Bridges VERDE

VDI Does Not Have to be Complicated

Linux Webinar: a Linux virtual desktop with VERDE.

Webinar: a Linux virtual desktop with VERDE.


Doing VDI & DaaS with Linux

Virtual Bridges VERDE demo part one

Virtual Bridges Demo, part one.

Virtual Bridges VERDE demo part two

Virtual Bridges Demo, part two.

Virtual Bridges VERDE testimonial: ISDWinters

Virtual Bridges testimonial: Winters ISD.

Virtual Bridges presents VERDE version 5.5 at the BriForum 2011

Virtual Bridges presents VERDE version 5.5 at the BriForum 2011.

Virtual Bridges Load Balancing With F5

Load balancing a Virtual Bridges VERDE infrastructure with F5.

Virtual Bridges VDI Gen2

Virtual Bridges VERDE's platform

With its components, Virtual Bridges VERDE, provides you with a complete solution that covers all your desktop virtualisation needs for both Windows and Linux guests. Only VERDE covers all the VDI features any size of company may require including full operativity for disconnected users and branch offices.

Ideal for companies of all sizes, VERDE can scale up to ten thousand clustered servers or scale down to a single-server configuration.

VIrtual Bridges infrastructure

The VERDE suites includes:


Key infrastructure elements including:

  • Servers and Clusters
  • Gold Master Images
  • AD/Directory Services
  • Shared Storage


  • Desktops hosted and managed in data center
  • Clients: PCs, Mac, Thin Clients & PDAs
  • VERDE Display protocol, RDP, Nx
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, OS X, Netbooks and PDAs
  • Optimised for LAN and WAN connectivity


  • Web-based Administrator Console
  • Centralized Gold Master Image Management
  • User/Group policies
  • Clustered Servers & Distributed Connection Brokering
  • Integrated Branch offices management
  • Realtime usage statistics


  • Desktops hosted on the local PC & managed from data center
  • Desktops hosted from USB stick and managed from data center
  • Clients: Virtualization technology (VT)-enabled hardened Linux PCs; PCs with VT’s
  • Bi-directional sync for user data


  • Desktops hosted on branch server & managed from data center
  • Clients: PCs, Mac, Thin Clients & PDAs
  • Gold Master Images synchronised with main office servers

Immediate simplification and costs reduction

Managing and supporting locally installed operative systems and applications has always been a time consuming and costly excercise since PCs arrived on our desks.
PCs generally allows a great degree of freedom as users like to personalise their desktops or install their preferred applications but that can turn in to a nightmare not just for technical support but for the whole company.

The following chart allows you to easily understand Virtual Bridges VERDE on the market.


Virtual Bridges posizionamento di mercato

Here are just a few benefits that a Virtual Desktop Environment, created with Virtual Bridges VERDE, will bring to your company:

Financial Rationalization

  • Reduce TCO (CAPEX and OPEX) and improve hardware utilization with fewer servers, cheaper NAS storage, and no external WAN dependency
  • Improve time to value via one-click provisioning and reduce deployment by up to 50 percent
  • Reduce help desk costs using Gold Master Image technology to deliver applications, patches, updates without disrupting users

Improve IT Support & Operational Efficiency

  • Increase control and visibility with one unified management console and configurable reports (capacity and historical data, user and administrator events, desktop and application activity, and more)
  • Standardize/automate provisioning processes regardless of desktop hardware or operating system
  • Increase business agility by supporting connectivity from almost any client (PC, Mac, thin-client, workstation) as well as mobile and branch workers

Provide Assurance for Technology Updates

  • Ease Windows 7 migration by eliminating complexity, cost, time and application compatibility challenges traditionally associated with deployment
  • Future-proof your enterprise by leveraging existing infrastructure and hardware

Deliver Consistent Experience for the Desktop

  • Ensure consistent user experience between VDI and disconnected use with latest operating system, applications and user documents
  • Speed enterprise adoption with high quality, “high-def” user experience, regardless of time, location (branch/mobile), connection (online/offline), device type or point of access (centralized/self-service portal)
  • Improve productivity by delivering “LAN-like” performance for branch office users, and bi-directional sync for offline users

Reduce Risk with Enhanced Security & Compliance

  • Minimize security concerns with role/task-based provisioning, user/group policies and encrypted offline use
  • Reduce risk with native malware resistance for all virtual desktop sessions
  • Ensure secure remote access to user desktops and applications with enhanced endpoint security

Deliver Desktop as a Public/Private Cloud Service

  • Streamline migration path to cloud computing from old model to enterprise on-premise model to hosted model
  • Choose from on-premise, hosted and federated deployment options with guaranteed SLAs




Virtual Bridges VDI Gen2

How Virtual Bridges VERDE differentiate itself from the crowd



VERDE brings together powerful technology that no other vendor can match including:

VERDE Hypervisor

  • KVM-based hypervisor optimized for Desktop Virtualization
  • Only portable hypervisor available today that works across clients and server, including branches
  • Hardware-assist (VT) based allows more desktops to run per CPU core
  • KSM [Kernel SamePage Merging] for improved memory density

VERDE SmartCast™

  • VDI delivery – Delivers the best VDI protocol [SPICE, RDP, NX] based on the user profile, connection status, and desktop workload


  • Optimizes the Read and Write IOPS using local attached storage
  • Reduces the cost of the storage deployment while allowing enhanced user experience

VERDE App Layers

  • Allows streamlining of deployment of applications [single application or groups of apps] inside VERDE Gold Master based on user role

Gold Master Technology

  • Dynamic desktop model allows delivery of a single shared OS plus applications as a common operating environment to many users
  • User personalization such as documents, settings and bookmarks are stored separately and automatically blended into each user session to deliver a fully personalized desktop

Windows and Linux Desktops

  • Supports Windows and Linux desktops from a single solution

Stateless Clustering

  • Allows up to 10,000 VERDE servers to be clustered together to provide high availability and scalability for VERDE sessions
  • Servers are stateless, providing elasticity to the VERDE deployments

Distributed Connection Brokering

  • Provides dynamic routing of user sessions to the least busy and memory optimized VERDE server
  • Distributed Connection brokering provides no single point of failure or choke point allowing greater availability and scalability

Shared Storage

  • Works with Direct Attached Storage and any external shared storage NAS or SAN. VERDE Storage Grid* [To be released; experimental]
  • Allows using clustered local attached storage using GFS and GPFS dramatically lowering the cost of VDI storage requirements

AD/Directory integration

  • Seamlessly integrates with Active Directory, Novell E-directory and other Directory Services for AAA

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